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Bugle August – September 2016 Page 1

  A Message from The  Commander’s Desk   Greetings and Salutations!!! Finally some monsoon type weather to cool things off! The Post is doing pretty good, but could of course be doing better.  We need the membership to come in and enjoy your Post again, things are quite different. Bar Bingo is doing well, the members are enjoying it ... More

Bugle August – September 2016 Page 2 & 3

From the Adjutant’s Desk             They say everything changes, nothing stays the same.  Such is taking place at your Post.  With the election of new Officers within each of our Post organizations, there are numerous new ideas of how to promote events to accommodate our members and benefit the financial status of the Post.  The E-Commit... More

Bugle August – September 2016 Page 4

Web Site/Bugle News             Well, our new Web Site is completed and up and running, The Bugle, Post News, Events, Calendars, etc. will be there for easy access to all.  This will be kept up-to-date, changes always happen.  We want to be able to provide the most up-to-date information to all our members, not just a mailer every 2 months.  ... More